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two men in blue jackets are standing near a basketball hoop on a gym floor and one man is cleaning the rim
an open book with different images on it
STORY, magazine
STORY, magazine on Behance de IRYNA KORSHAK. NY
a bunch of pink squares with different shapes and sizes on them, all in one place
magazine layouts....for lots of text. I like the idea of having a sort of reference book for inspiration about layouts.
a black and white poster with the letter k in it's center, on top of
Harpers Bazaar Nederland. Art Direction by Tara van Munster. #typography #type #K
an old comic strip with a man being pulled up by another person's foot
sloth unleashed
"THIS is for being STUPID!", whack! Vintage Comic Book Art.
an aerial view of people walking on a walkway near the water's edge with orange barricades
Take a walk on the new 'Kalvebod Waves' on Kalvebod Brygge designed by jdsarchitects, Copenhagen. http://jdsa.eu/kal/ #Copenhagen #KalvebodWaves
a red traffic light sitting on the side of a building next to tall white buildings
room on the roof: collective housing in brioolstraat by CAAN architecten
room on the roof: collective housing in brioolstraat by CAAN architecten
the building is made up of many different types of glass and metal pieces, including an orange cube
Architecture | Daily Icon - Part 38
RATP Bus Centre Paris by ECDM
an open window on the side of a building with perforated metal mesh covering it
detail of the RATP Bus Centre in Parisian suburban area close to the Orly airport; designed by ECDM
the wooden slats are lined up against the wall
Turkey Saddle — Grounded, LLC | Landscape Architecture and Design | Charlottesville, Virginia and Central VA
Grounded LLC. landscape architecture in Charlottesville, VA. Love their work!
an orange metal fence with wavy lines on it
Nebuta-no-ie Warasse / Molo, d/dt, Frank La Riviere Architects
clever cues through architecture | Nebuta-no-ie Warasse by Frank La Riviere
1668127733_pele-de-ferro-ao-entardecer Interior Architecture, Interior Architecture Design, Arquitetura, Architect, Bar
Volume B store / Marcio Kogan
a large building that is made out of metal and has red lights on the side
Gallery of Clarion Hotel & Congress Trondheim / Space Group - 15
Space Group Architects
a close up view of some wood pieces
reference for Woodworking
a piece of paper that has been cut out with scissors and wires on top of it
designisso: Liquid Midi by EJTech The last time we wrote about Hungarian textile innovation lab EJTech, formed by MOME Alumni Eszter Judit Kárpáti and Esteban de la Torre was when they won a first prize of the Frankfurt-based Techtextil 2015. Now we proudly present their newest work, a musical interface using screenprinted conductive ink, the first pilots of which were realized with the support of Bare Conductive. Keep reading
an abstract drawing with lines and circles in the shape of a rectangle, on a white background
Things Like This and That
an abstract black and white pattern with wavy lines
a blue and white poster with circles on it
the lines are drawn in black on a gray background
Self-portrait 12.26
an abstract image of multicolored lines in the shape of a vase, against a white background
Loop Drawings, 2012 ← Editions ← The Wrong Shop
Loop Drawing, Pierre Charpin
the lines are colored in different colors
Loop Drawings, 2012 ← Editions ← The Wrong Shop
looks complicated at first glance but is really less complicated than you think simple in the end
an image of the back side of a surfboard with yellow and blue stripes on it
Design School - Learn Design with Canva
C.C. CASINO KOKSIJDE by skinn branding agency
four different views of an open book with red and white pages
a person walking down a street next to tall buildings with shutters on the windows
SOUND:FRAME 2013 Catalog
SOUND:FRAME 2013 Catalog by Maximilian Huber
an open book with orange and white lines on the cover, in three different positions
Veinticinco obras, 25 años. Jofebar
slashes, not perf in band. Veinticinco obras, 25 años. Jofebar by Blanca Prol, via Behance
an image of a brochure with yellow accents
an open book with the words old is new on it
an open book with black and white type on it
two drawings of different shapes and sizes
Also more of these
an orange and white piece of paper with graffiti written on it, along with other papers
an arrangement of different sized objects on a white sheet with orange and black poles sticking out of it
I have more of these
there is a red stair case in the room
Galería de Casa Cliv / OYO - 3
This "floating" staircase is a step above extraordinary! (Via @YohaanMenaka Rajapakse/stairs)
a bike is parked in front of a wall made out of blue and white circles
Modular Room Dividers - MIO Culture
temporary walls /mio/pop-up display option?
an abstract background made up of squares and rectangles in shades of blue, pink, orange and white
Jan Albers | Colorful textured wall design | #wallcandy | more textured wall designs @seeyond
an abstract wall made up of many different colors
Foam wall installation | #wallcandy
an abstract white and copper background with triangles
Industrial Design Trends, Jobs and Online Courses - leManoosh
two diagrams showing the various parts of a helmet
elarafritzenwalden: San Cassiano Church Alba,...
a tall building that is next to a parking lot
Gallery of A Simple Factory Building / Pencil Office - 1
Gallery - A Simple Factory Building / Pencil Office - 1