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an image of the biblical purposes for fasting
What I've learned during this fast.
We fast every year, on the first week of January. We do this to thank God for all he's done for us the previous year and to start the new…
the ten commandments for jesus's plan to lead his life in christ and mary
Microsoft Outlook (formerly Hotmail): Free email and calendar | Microsoft 365
the seven i am statements of jesus written on parchment paper with images of sheep, bread and light bulbs
The 7 "I AM" statements of JESUS
Shared with Dropbox Bible Study Notebook, Life Quotes Love, Prayer Warrior
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it's in my dna t - shirt with the cross and book inside
Every cell in my body is held together by Christ!!!
the seven deadly sin's and their names in an old style manuscript, with some writing
I knew the 7 deadly but never heard of the others.
KLOGE ORD...... - Wisdom Quotes, Now Quotes, Be Here Now, Lao Tzu, Live In The Present, Quotable Quotes, Great Quotes
KLOGE ORD...... |
KLOGE ORD...... -
the cover of what does it mean to write for christ?, with three crosses at sunset
What Does it Mean to Write for Christ?
What Does it Mean to Write for Christ? | Kingdom Pen