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a dining room table with chairs and a vase on the end, next to a couch
Betonbordplade DIY | Lav en bordplade i beton | Conteco
Sådan laver du et betonbord
a table with books, pencils and a potted plant sitting on top of it
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Mais um móvel massa da série que fiz com cabides no blog! Tudo vindo de design aberto francês. Vem ver, gente!
a room filled with lots of lights hanging from the ceiling next to large glass windows
Kander og karafler brugt til belysning…
I går var jeg forbi Århus Klunserne for at finde staffage til en stor opgave. Der var ikke bare mange – der var rigtig mange gamle kander… Jeg mener de kostede 30 kroner stykket… …
a stack of metal pipes sitting on top of a wooden pallet next to a refrigerator
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We really had a problem storing our shoes. My hubby is a skaterboy and has a shoe collection that is uncomparable to Continue Reading
an organized shoe rack in the corner of a room
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We really had a problem storing our shoes. My hubby is a skaterboy and has a shoe collection that is uncomparable to Continue Reading
four green leaves with names on them sitting on a marble counter top next to each other
BLOG | Få inspiration til dine store fester hos eksperter
Bryllups borddekoration inspireret af naturen
a piece of paper with writing on it next to a doughnut that has been shaped like a human head
IST Børn
Modellervoks opskrift
a living room filled with furniture and lots of pictures on the wall next to a door
Farveforskrækket...... Det er jeg i hvert fald ikke.....
an abstract painting with mountains in the background
beautiful colours. Inspiration for living room colours
there are many pictures hanging on the wall with clothes pins attached to them and one has a phone
kids alphabet cards
free alphabet printables
there are many cards hanging on the clothesline in this child's playroom
freebie of the month : number freebies!
This site has some awesome free printable pics. This one is numbers. Would be really cute in a kids room or classroom.
there are four pictures of children's rooms in different styles and sizes, each with a doll house on the bed
Nina's House
How cute is this. So versatile and unique.....Baby crib that is a little house...
a room with white walls and yellow furniture
Swedish home with fun vintage finds: Part I
two children are playing on the slide in their bedroom
3-in-1 Play Unit Plus Storage
there are two different pictures one has a swing chair and the other has mushrooms on it
Dreamy Playroom! via
an image of a room with many coats on the shelves
Built-In Storage for Every Room
A Place for Everyone Entryway Cut down on entryway clutter by giving each family member a personalized drop zone for coats, hats, bags, and more. This built-in unit combines open cubbies with closed cabinetry for stowing seasonal accessories out of sight. The base of the cabinet extends outward to create a bench that's perfect for putting on and taking off shoes.
three different shots of the same person on a skateboard with clouds in the background
How To Make A Cloud
DIY :: How To Make A Cloud ( )
taxi cabs are lined up on the wall next to each other
great idea to store car toys
a baby crib with clouds and rain drops hanging from it
La chambre de Charly #2
Cloud DIY
a baby's room with yellow and gray decor on the walls, bookshelves and crib
Tutorial: hanging book display
Fabric Book Holders.
an open door shows a desk and chair in a room with wallpaper on the walls
Craft Room Inspiration: The best work and storage solutions
the letter a is made up of colorful beads
DIY Archives
Very cute for all different kinds of rooms!
there are many pairs of shoes hanging on the wall next to a chair and suitcase
A Raised Bed Frame