R4 Artwork

Et lille udpluk af vores grafiske opgaver.
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the cover of fine art fadborg featuring a whale's tail in water
the letter i is made up of letters that are in different font styles and colors
an event poster for the festival with people in silhouette and colorful lights behind them,
a christmas card with ornaments hanging from it's sides and the words, julia faaborgg
the poster for forum faborg
a woman standing in front of a building with snowflakes on it's side
the logo for ctrlp is shown in white and pink on a black background
the words, it's not longer by gerlach on a black background
the logo for faborg
the logo for vores faborg & egn
a woman sitting on top of a white chair
an advertisement for a business event with information about the company's location and locations
the flyer for an outdoor food festival
Outdoor Sydfyn & Fynske Fristelser / Banner
an advertisement for the jack and phones mobile repair event, with a boat in the background
Jack & Phones / FB Annonce