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an empty room with glass doors and wood flooring
vitrineskabe af brugte vinduesrammer og gulvbrædder | Genbyg Bloggen – inspiration, info og tips & tricks
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a kitchen table with chairs and a book shelf in the back ground, next to a refrigerator
Lifestyle I — Luisa Brimble
Lifestyle I — Luisa Brimble
two baskets filled with apples sitting on top of a shelf next to jars and jars
Produkter - søg efter produkter. Få et komplet overblik her
the shelves are filled with different types of spices and herbs in glass jars on top of each other
Bolig: Tøjdesignerens jordnære landliv
Praktisk og pæn opbevaring i køkkenet - med gryn og kerner i patentglas
the kitchen is clean and ready to be used as a place for cutting boards, utensils, and other things
Få kreative idéer og inspiration til hjemmet online
Skærebrætter hænger på en stang i et køkken.
three plates with flowers painted on them are sitting next to each other in the same pattern
New pieces on shop.leahgoren.com 🌼 this is the last update for the foreseeable future cause I have some things to do this year, so if you've been thinking about anything I'd pick it up now :)
the kitchen counter is organized and ready to be used as a spice rack for spices
Rensa golv – och bänkytor från onödiga prylar – projekt vecka 29 (Förvaringsdrottningen)
Rensa golv – och bänkytor från onödiga prylar – projekt vecka 29
a white cabinet with glass doors in a room
DIY - væghængt vitrineskab med gammelt vindue
three hanging planters with plants in them on the side of a window sill
Passion - Sexy Personals for Passionate Singles
DIY indoor herb garden: step by step instructions #garden #indoor #instructions