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a woman standing next to a snow bunny
Mama & Snow Rabbit, Minneapolis
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an old woman holding up a poster with the words time will change
Photographer Made His 91 Year-Old Mother Feel Young Again
Growing old can be very hard and depressing sometimes. Especially when it comes to that moment when a seniors need someone to take care of them constantly. A talented Canadian-Italian artist, Tony Luciani, found himself in a similar situation when his beloved mother was no longer able to manage on her own. He then became […]
a black and white photo of a zebra's head
Photography and Animal Photography image inspiration on Designspiration
Zebra. God gave the Zebra a fascinating paint job. I could look at this, like sunsets for hours.
black and white photograph of an abstract sculpture in a large room with sunlight streaming through the windows
Bernar Venet, Indeterminate Lines
Bernar Venet, Indeterminate Lines | Blain|Southern Berlin, B… | Flickr
black and white photograph of a zebra's face
an abstract photograph of black and white stripes on a woman's body with her hands in the air
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