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an open book with pictures and words on the pages is shown in this image, it appears to have been altered
11 Ways to Use Old Books for Scrapbooking
travel journal-pages-by Johwey Redington
three books are stacked on top of each other near a potted plant
15 Genius Way to Upcycle Vintage Books - Five Marigolds
a hand is sprinkling water from a plastic bottle into a sink drainer
18 Ways to Reuse Your Plastic Milk Jugs
Want to know some easy ways to reuse plastic milk jugs and bottles. Wrapped In Rust is sharing 18 ways to do it. Recycling is good for the planet and you will be amazed at the things you can use them for.
an upside down cake stand with food on it and the words lamp shade upcycle
Lamp Shade Upcycle - Sustainably Amber
Make an entertaining food screen from an upcycled lamp shade.
a woman is holding up a lamp shade with flowers on it and she has her hand over the fabric
$4 Thrift Store Lamp Update | Confessions of a Serial Do-it-Yourselfer
$4 Thrift Store Lamp Update
several buttons with writing on them sitting on a blue cloth covered tablecloth in front of a pile of other buttons
Reuse Sewing Pattern Tissue Paper • Crafting a Green World
Cleaning, Cleaning Painted Walls, Cleaning Jewelry, Deep Cleaning Tips, Cleaning Hacks, Homemade Toilet Cleaner, Clean Dishwasher
How to Clean Vintage Suitcases - Chaotically Creative
an open suitcase filled with books, candles and other items on top of a wooden table
Decorating the Spring mantel with a bird theme and vintage finds.
a vase with flowers and a sign on the wall above it that says if you want to fly give up the thoughts that weigh you down
The coolest DIY salvaged Junk Projects! vol 315
Vintage Scale Sign and Wall Hook by Denise on a Whim, featured on Funky Junk Interiors
a bowl that has been made out of paper and is sitting on a wooden table
Uses for Shredded Paper - Eco Friendly Crafts - Red Ted Art