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a woman in a blue dress is talking on her cell phone and the measurements are shown
Sewing Studio - Learn tailor work 👗👕 #reels #reelsfb...
the pattern for this pants is shown, and it's measurements are in full view
Sewing Tips - Learn tailor work 👗💙 #reels #reelsfb...
a woman in a pink dress and measurements
Sewing Tips - Learn tailor work 👗💙 #reels #reelsfb...
a woman's pants pattern with the measurements
Sewing Tips - Learn tailor work 👗✂ #reels #reelsfb...
a hand holding a pen next to a piece of paper with a drawing on it
Exelente patronaje para personitas con bastante glúteo (pompis) super entalle anatómico.😍✂️✂️✂️✂️✂️👗
someone is cutting out an image with scissors
Como hacer corte bretel y eliminar pinza de costado 🤩🪡✨✂️
Pega essa dica
amocosturar #amocostura #costuracriativa #costurandocomamor
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Curso de Corte e Costura Lucrativa | Aprenda a modelar, costurar e faça suas próprias roupas
the diagram shows how to make a sewing pattern for a dress with an attached skirt
Realización patrón pantalón 219b -