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four chocolate covered candies sitting on top of a black surface with white and gold decorations
Hjemmelavede påskeæg med marcipan og lakrids... - Maden i mit liv!
several pieces of chocolate cake on a white plate with gold flecks around the edges
Odense Marcipan
there are many pieces of chocolate on the plate
Opskrift på konfektbrød med nougat - Læs hele opskriften her
some cookies and candy on a plate with red ribbon around it, next to other christmas treats
Juletræer i marcipan
there are two pieces of food wrapped in foil
Fransk nougat
four pieces of chocolate covered granola on a marble surface
Hjemmelavede træstammer - Træstammer uden sukker - The Food Club
two people are cutting pieces of chocolate on a plate with oranges and pine cones
Forfrisker verden og gør en forskel
some pink and white heart shaped icing on top of a sheet of paper with the words thank you
nectar & stone
the words meringue wreaths are made out of different colored doughnuts
Meringue Wreath Cookies
Meringue Wreaths Tutorial - These light and airy meringue cookies are perfect for brunches or celebrations like wedding showers or baby showers. Made using the Easy Blooms Tip Set, these Meringue Wreath Cookies may look challenging, but they’re super easy to make! Best of all, no decorating required! Tint the meringue batter in various shades of orange and green to create lovely treats that are worthy of any celebration.
blue and white seashells are arranged on a table
Suspiros: receita, dicas, sugestões e inspirações - Doce Blog
Suspiros: receita, dicas, sugestões e inspirações
there are cupcakes in the box on the table next to the lace doily
Маленькие восьмерочки , как клумбочка в саду 🌸🌸😃#восьмерки из хрустящего безе #подарокна8марта #8марта #тортсердце #тортсцветами #сердце…
pink and white cupcakes are arranged in the shape of wreaths on a piece of paper
המדריך המלא למרנג מושלם
For English version – please read below אז הכנתם אלפחורס ונשארו חלבונים? הברשתם בורקס בחלמון ונשאר החלבון? הכנתם בצק פריך ונשארו 2 חלבונים? חלבונים לא זורקים! אז מה עושים? מאחסנים בכלי נקי, מקפיאים, וכשמתחשק – מוציאים ומכינים מרנגים. כללי זהב למרנג מושלם: משקל הסוכר יהיה תמיד כפול ממשקל החלבונים. שקלו החלבונים. יצא 142 גרם? הוסיפו …