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there are many beds in the room with lights on them and some people laying down
Movie Theater In Paris
people are sitting in large tubs watching movies on the big screen outside at dusk
Open Air Cinemas In London — Outdoor Film Screenings
people are lounging around in the pool surrounded by palm trees and other greenery
Mazatlan Mansion Art Print by Slim Aarons
a woman laying on the ground in front of orange umbrellas and tables with food
Best Positano Instagram Spots
two people sitting in chairs on top of a dock near the water with umbrellas
“Turquoise Coast”: The book dedicated to the beauty of Turkey
The Turkish riviera, with its rugged coastline and beaches that brush the Mediterranean and Aegean Seas, is the focal point of this beautiful book, published by Assouline. The turquoise coast is a summer destination which marries history and beauty.
Las Brisas Hotel by Slim Aarons 30x40 Unframed Getty Images C-print. Acapulco, Hotels, Resort, Hotel La, Best Hotels, Luxury Hotel, Acapulco Mexico
Las Brisas Hotel by Slim Aarons 30x40 Unframed Getty Images C-print - 30x40 UNFRAMED
an outdoor pool with umbrellas and chairs in the foreground, surrounded by buildings
Miami In June - A Travel Diary
a metal chair sitting on top of a tiled floor next to a swimming pool with blue water in the background
lounge chair | Tumblr
lounge chair | Tumblr