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an advertisement for the exposition de la locomoton aerienne in paris, france
4th Exposition de la Locomotion Aerienne
The 4th Exhibition of Aerial Locomotion, also known as the "4eme Exposition de la Locomotion Aerienne," was a spectacular event that took place at the esteemed Grand Palais in 1912. This exhibition was a celebration of the remarkable advancements in air technology and was a must-see for anyone interested in aviation. The exhibition was widely promoted and advertised through various media, including a stunning poster illustrated by the talented Géo Dorival.
an advertisement for the first in america aviation meet on january 10, 1910 at los angeles international airport
Aviation history poster featuring the Los Angeles International Air Me
In 1910, the Los Angeles International Air Meet at Dominguez Field was a remarkable spectacle that marked a pivotal moment in aviation history. This historic event not only popularized flight but also showcased its potential for both commercial and military purposes. The stunning poster illustration captures the breathtaking view of Los Angeles, where the sky was filled with an array of planes and hot air balloons.
an advertisement for the flying machine company
Aviation history poster with Meeting Aviation Nice 1910
The poster "Meeting d'Aviation Nice 1910" was created by Charles-Léonce Brossé and serves as an advertisement for a significant aviation event that took place in Nice in 1910. This event was one of the first of its kind and played a crucial role in the rapid growth of aviation's popularity during the early 1900s.
an advertisement for the french air force showing a man in a biplane flying over a city
Journées Lausanneoises d'aviation
In 1910, Henri Speckner made a historic landing on a modest runway located in the La Blécherette region, north of Lausanne, Switzerland. The following year, this location became one of the first civilian airports in the country. This marked a significant milestone in the history of aviation in Switzerland. Soon after, the Journées Lausannenoises d'aviation, or the Lausanne Aviation Days, took flight. This event quickly gained popularity and became a prominent fixture in the aviation industry.
an old advertisement for jouets and other items
Old toy advertisement - Aux Buttes Chaumont
This is perhaps one of the most popular posters in the TV series Friends, which is quite understandable as it has been the most viewed poster throughout the series. You will find it hanging on the wall above the TV, in the middle of Monica Geller's living room. The poster is advertising the toy manufacturer, Aux Buttes Chaumont: jouets et objets pour étrennes, was originally created in 1885 by Jules Chéret.
an old russian poster shows a man flying through the air with a rocket in his hand
Advertising poster for Russian Pachka cigarettes, 1927
This advertising poster for Pachka cigarettes from Russia is a stunning display of action and color. Originally created in 1927. The poster features Russian text that translates to something like: smoke cigarettes brand Label « Pack » no where else to be found than in Mosselprom ( an acronym for Moscow agricultural enterprise, the building of which is in the background).
an old french poster shows a man at a desk with a trumpet in his hand
l'Aérophone - Fransk reklame plakat for Gramofon/fonograf
French aerophone (Gramophone/Phonograph) advertising poster, which is based on an original work from the early 1900s. From my research, it appears that the poster was either created or influenced by Émile Zola, and it is connected to the Dreyfus Affair. This adds an intriguing historical context to the piece, making it not only a beautiful work of art but also a significant artifact of its time.