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a man standing on top of a giant cassette player
Miniature Calendar
several people walking on a road with cars and trees in the background, as well as an image of a toy car
Amazing Things around Us: 20 Miniatures by Tanaka Tatsuya: Ideas & Inspiration в журнале Ярмарки Мастеров
small toy figurines standing on top of a record player's track,
Miniature Calendar
a pair of women's high heels with miniature people on the bottom and inside
Calendario Miniatura - Revista Estilo Propio | Arquitectura
an apple store with people standing around and looking at the iphone in it's display case
Miniature world
a miniature man laying in a chair next to a roll of toilet paper on a blue background
Tatsuya Tanaka 田中達也 (@tanaka_tatsuya) / X
two miniature people under an umbrella on the ground
Curious Duke Gallery
a cell phone with a broken screen on it
Tatsuya Tanaka Continues Building Tiny Worlds in his Daily Miniature Calendar Photo Project — Colossal
three miniature people are playing with a ball in a face mask on a blue background
Masks, Toilet Paper, and Thermometers Transform into Miniature, Outdoor Adventures by Artist Tatsuya Tanaka — Colossal
a small toy is standing next to an earbud
Little People – a Tiny Street Art Project
a can of coca - cola sitting on top of a sidewalk
(ART) Artist in the Spotlight: The Miniature World of Slinkachu