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several different types of plants and rocks on a white surface
Mirjam Gielen Textile Artist (@mirjamtextiles) • Instagram photos and videos
two paintings of grass and flowers are shown on a white surface, one is green
Paper Artsy - Sprays Challenge
Velvet Moth Studio: Paper Artsy - Sprays Challenge
four pictures of different plants and trees in the same pattern, each with their own image
Етапи створення гобелена | Stages of creating a tapestry
moss growing on the side of a rock covered in tiny beads and wire, along with other green plants
Moss Garden teabag art by Velvet Moth Studio
a close up of a piece of cloth on top of a wooden frame with burlap
"ELEGANT SUNBURST LICHEN Rusavskia elegans Dimensional Embroidery on Burlap 12\" Large Embroidery Art Inspired By Nature Embroidery Plant Art"
"Elegant Sunburst Lichen; or Rusavskia elegans; typically grows on rocks, although it is also found in streams. Even from a distance, it is recognizable by the incredibly vibrant orange to red color seen here in this fiber art depiction of the symbiotic plant/fungus growth. Also shown here is the corticate, white part of the lichen that forms at the base of its' structure. These lichen were actually one of the first species used in the Lichenometry method of dating rocks! A common favorite amongst many nature and/or science enthusiasts, they were recently reclassified from Xanthoria elegans to Rusavskia elegans, and phytology has confirmed this to be accurate. The study of this symbiotic plant/fungus and other fungi is a very exciting area in biological science that is currently experien
a piece of art made out of yarn and buttons on a white surface with green thread
Julia Wright (@julia_._wright) • Instagram photos and videos
two pieces of fabric that have been torn together
Julia Wright (@julia_._wright) • Instagram photos and videos
several different types of beaded jewelry laid out on a table
Julia Wright (@julia_._wright) • Instagram photos and videos
a close up of a needle case on a white surface with green and yellow flowers
a person holding a small green object in front of a wooden hoop with moss on it
Intricate Moss Embroideries Ease Anxiety with Piled Stitches