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there is a vase with something in it on the desk
🧉 Yerba mate - best way to start working week!
a hand holding a metal cup with a toothbrush in it on the side of a road
Monday Mate!
🧉 Don't forget to start your work week with yerba mate! 🧠 Mental clarity, focus and concentration guaranteed! #Matexperience #YerbaMate #Yerba #Mate #MondayMood #MondayMotivation
an old mortar bowl with two spoons on the floor
Huge yerba mate stem
❓ What is the biggest stem you found in your yerba mate? 📸 Share your photos and videos! Use hashtag #Matexperience or tag us @matexperience #YerbaMate #Yerba #Mate
a blender, coffee cup and tea bag on a counter
🇵🇾 Final moments with Pajarito Selección Especial
📝 Don't forget to check out our latest yerba mate review! #Matexperience #YerbaMate #Yerba #Mate #YerbaMateReview #PajaritoSelecciónEspecial
a cup filled with dirt sitting on top of a table
Yerba mate in tea cup
Throwback to my first traditionally prepared mate in a tea cup with bombilla
a red cup filled with green stuff sitting on top of a book next to a pen
Write your story!
🖋️ Writing is one of the best creative activities to do while drinking mate! ❗Don't forget we're accepting new submissions - grab your favorite yerba mate and write us your story! #Matexperience #YerbaMate #Yerba #Mate
there is a coffee cup next to a grinder and bag of cbs on the counter
🧉 Tasting CBSé Frutos Del Valle yerba mate
🧉 Tasting CBSé Frutos Del Valle for the first time! ❓ Have you tried this yerba mate? #Matexperience #YerbaMate #Yerba #Mate
Yerba mate in guampa
Tereré with Pajarito yerba mate
☀️ Hot and scorching weather calls for a cold and refreshing tereré! 🧉 In the guampa: 🇵🇾 Pajarito Selección Especial 📝 Review coming up soon! #Matexperience #YerbaMate #Yerba #Mate #Pajarito #PajaritoSelecciónEspecial #MondayMood
a lizard sitting on top of a table next to a cup filled with food
Pets and yerba mate
a person holding a metal cup with a toothbrush in it
Yerba mate
❓ What is your favorite regional type of yerba mate? 🧉🇦🇷🇧🇷🇵🇾🇺🇾 #Matexperience #YerbaMate #Yerba #Mate
a blender sitting on top of a counter next to a cup with a straw in it
Matexperience — Discover Yerba Mate
🧉 It's always fun to explore different yerbas from different brands! ❓What is the latest new yerba mate that you tried? #Matexperience #YerbaMate #Yerba #Mate