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Life changing hack to fold & store leggings while saving space! |One Eclectic Maa
How to Fold Hoodies
The best way to fold your sweatshirts
three tins sitting on top of a plaid table cloth
Christmas Buckets
a quilt made to look like an old harley davidson patchwork blanket with patches on it
Harley Davidson T-shirt Quilt from,
the wallpaper is decorated with black and gold poodles in pink, yellow and white
vintage poodle wallpaper
a group of mannequins with different colored hair
(I have supplied hundreds of painted mannequins world wide. Here are some examples of my hand painted mannequin heads, all painted by Magda. You can see more of my work on Etsy, search for nostalgiccorner.) FMI
three pink and black head vases sitting on top of a wooden table next to each other
DIY Decoupage Mannequin Head Crafts
Decoupage craft ideas DIY Mannequin heads! See how to make them here->
the tea party is going on and it's time to get married
PRINTABLE Tea Party Baby Shower Invitations by doodlebugandpeep
a pregnant woman wearing a flower belt with flowers on it's waist and holding her belly
How To Make The Cutest Baby Shower Corsage
Beautiful baby belly corsage - perfect for a baby shower brunch, Spring baby shower, tea party shower! So elegant!
a wooden mannequin head with a flower on it's top and words all over the face
How To Make a Hat Stand
This is a fun and easy project! Turning a styrofoam head into a hat stand I started with a lamp base and a Styrofoam head used in a s...