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two refrigerators with magnets on the doors are decorated in different colors and shapes
-❀-✿-⋆Tʊɣếζ T¡ղɦ L¡ղɦ⋆ღ᭄ꦿ࿐
nine decorated cookies with flowers and leaves on them
-❀-✿-⋆Tʊɣếζ T¡ղɦ L¡ղɦ⋆ღ᭄ꦿ࿐
a woman taking a selfie in front of a mirror decorated with red and white flowers
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One of our most popular mirrors over on Tiktok @happyduckart , introducing Mushroom Galore! This hanging mirror is handmade with air dry foam clay, we crafted each individual flower by hand before attaching with the strongest home decor glues on the market. This mirror goes beyond being fully functional and brings a unique style to any room, for all the eclectic home decor loves to the Y2K Pinterest scrollers, you'll love this mirror which is part of our exclusive kawaii character collection! T
there is a cake decorated with flowers and leaves
-❀-✿-⋆Tʊɣếζ T¡ղɦ L¡ղɦ⋆ღ᭄ꦿ࿐
a hand holding up a mirror with white clouds on the top and bottom of it
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a close up of a mirror with beaded decorations on the frame and wood stand
Mirror from vitality_bb page on Instagram 💗 amazing decoration
a woman is looking at herself in the mirror with buttons on her face and hair