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an image of a woman standing in front of geese with the caption, titled charles thraugh
a calendar with a drawing of a church on it and rocks next to it, along with two pens
Trying a new weekly layout! Since I really like this theme, I tried to figure out a layout that was simple and included a lot of space for…
an open book with drawings on it and some other things in the pages next to it
Day 8. Of persimmons, fresh squeezed avocado juice and tea for two. - - #lushylesketch #sketchbook #visualjournal #visualdiary #journal…
a drawing of two people standing at a table with food on it and the words nordic bakery above them
Nordic Bakery
an illustrated poster with the words rediscover adventure written on it's side
Ruby Taylor Illustration
an image of fruit and vegetables on the table
Livi Gosling Illustration
my little series of cards for the festive season. organising printing this week, ill let you know when theyll be on sale.
an illustration of people and animals in front of a castle with pink paint on it
The Merry Blog
Best In Children's Books 1958 - Endpaper - by Matt Hinrichs
a collage of photos with words and pictures on them, including pears, leaves, an eggplant
Montage. Katt Frank
a collage of photos with words and pictures on them
montage. illustration by katt Frank.
the collage shows different types of food and desserts, including figs and blackberry tarts
Montage. illustrated by Katt Frank