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the sun is setting over a farm field with two combiners working on it's crops
Harvest 2023🚜
a group of cows standing next to each other on a lush green grass covered field
🌻 Vache 🌻
a small black and white pig standing on top of a grass covered field next to a barn
Pig photograph
several small pigs are in the hay together
a group of pigs laying on top of a pile of dirt next to a wall
the back end of a large truck on a dirt road
a cow sticking its tongue out while being held by someone's hand in the hay
the sun is setting in the distance as seen from inside a vehicle on the beach
a man driving a tractor down a dirt road next to a lush green field on a sunny day
several cows are standing in the grass behind a fence and looking at the camera man
there is a tractor that is driving through the field with hay in it's back
Corn / Looney Farms
a tractor is driving through a corn field