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a metal bird sitting on top of a wooden branch next to a wall mounted sculpture
Création en fil de fer Pièce unique Plus d'informations,
the instructions for how to make an ornament with yarn and scissors on it
Ronde d'automne
Visit the webpage to see more about Homemade Decorations #christmascrafts #handmadechristmas
three candles are arranged in the shape of branches
Set of 3 Rustic Iron Reindeer with Tealight Holder
Light up your home this holiday season with this charming set of three rustic iron reindeer! Each comes with a glass tealight holder. Candles not included. large: 4½" x 7½" x 36"t medium: 3" x 6" x 27"t small: 2½" x 5" x 19½"t
some white flowers are hanging from a wire
lezione di danza
a group of paper dolls hanging from the side of a wall
Creations of papier machè by Mariapia Gambino/Creazioni in cartapesta di Mariapia Gambino
Mariapia Gambino : Creations of papier machè by Mariapia Gambino/Crea...
three metal birds hanging from a wire with blue beads on it's backs and wings
Závěs Ptáčci s pecičkou
Závěs Ptáčci s pecičkou Závěs je zhotoven z černého žíhaného drátu, který je ozdoben skleněnýmí pecičkami. Délka závěsu je cca 45cm a šířka cca 25cm. Velikost velkých ptáčků je cca 10x9cm a malých je cca8x7cm. Skleněné pecičky dodávají závěsu lehkost a vzdušnost. Můžete ho zavěsit na okno, lustr, kdekoliv..... Možno vyrobit i závěs s jinou barvou ...
a wire sculpture is sitting on a shelf next to a vase and potted plant
Fili di Poesia
Il mio angelo è speciale, è solo mio!Fiocco nascita e decorazione per cameretta, un regalo unico e speciale per festeggiare la magia che ogni giorno ci regalano i bambini Ciascun tondo misura 2...
a wire sculpture with a lightbulb hanging from it's side and a string attached to the bulb
Die beliebtesten Wohnprodukte
Handgefertigte Drahtlampe mit gelbem Herz, hängend, mit den Maßen 11 x 8 cm plus Drahtkabel. Zuzüglich Versand Großbrief: 1,45 € Einfache Lampe ohne Licht :)
three metal wire angel ornaments hanging on a white painted wood wall with string attached to them
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