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the words prayer time written in red and green on a beige background with pine trees
Times To Pray
Wonder when you should pray? Here are some good times to pray throughout your day! This is great for begineers or those learning how to pray. There is unlimited times to pray throughout the day, but this is some basic times. #howtopray #prayer #christian
a woman sitting at a table with her hands on her knees and the words how to become the prayer warrior you want to be
How to Become the Prayer Warrior You Want To Be - Faithfully Planted
a poster with the words, my quiet time routine and an arrow pointing to it
My time with Jesus
a printable january prayer calendar
January Prayer Points to Help you Pray in January
a desk with a laptop and coffee cup on it that says why i don't like bible in a year reading plans
Why I Don't Like Reading the Bible in a Year
Are you considering starting a Bible in a Year reading plan? Click here to read my experience with them and why I won't be reading my Bible in a year in 2021. #Bible #Scripture #Jesus
the printable bible in a year calendar is shown on a wooden background with pink flowers
Read the Bible in a Year | Homestead Homemaking
a printable bible in a year calendar with the names and dates for each month
Bible in a year
the book of the bible reading tracker with books on it and a potted plant
a pink menu with red flowers and the words how to read the bible
How To Read The Bible
Breakdown of the books of the Bible to have a better understanding 🤍
the text is in black and white with some type of writing on it's side
christian women glow up
the story of jehoshaphat and learning to let go and let god
The Story of Jehoshaphat and Learning to Let Go and Let God
an open bible on a desk with the words how to create your own bible study notebook
How to Create Your Own Bible Study Notebook
Creating your own Bible study notebook is a great way to help keep your quiet time organized and effective. Learn how to create your own Bible study notebook. #Biblestudynotebook #Biblestudy #quiettime