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a magazine cover with a stack of food on it's plate and hands reaching for the top
Coucou (Switzerland) - Coverjunkie
Coverjunkie | Coucou (Switzerland) - Coverjunkie
an illustrated book with various plants and flowers
식물의 책
국립수목원·농촌진흥청 등 국내외 연구기관과 협업해 식물학 그림을 그리며 식물을 가까이에서 관찰해온 이소영 식물세밀화가가 소나무, 은행나무, 개나리, 몬스테라, 딸기 등 늘 가까이에 있지만 제대로 알지 못했...
the poster for new garden city, featuring various plants and flowers on white paper with green lettering
an image of different vegetables and their names in the language of japanese text on a white background
image inspiration on Designspiration
qué comen. color
an illustrated guide to misfits market, including onions, garlic and broccoli
a poster with different fruits and vegetables on it that says oh my gourd
You searched for spaghetti squash - Misfits Market - Blog
three posters with different types of food on them, one is for organic and the other has
Wholesome rebrand
Wholesome rebrand - Fonts In Use
three brochures with tomatoes, lettuce, and other vegetables on them
Quwan Brand Experience Design
sacré beurre
sacré beurre
sacré beurre
sacré beurre
sacré beurre
sacré beurre
'Sacré Beurre’ is a fictional butter and bread brand including product packaging and some collateral for a brick and mortar shop/bakery. The name references the French term "sacre bleu" and the very much known "sacré coeur". The illustrations gives the brand a fun touch while the font has a traditional feel to it. Style elements in this branding hints to classical french culture with the checked pattern and navy blue, yet it has a very modern and fresh vibe.
an image of breads and pastries on display in a brochure or pamphlet
a book with some type of bread on it
Baker's Street- Brand Identity
Bakers Street is the only one stop bakery point which provides heavenly experiences of their lovely premium. Desserts to our young and the social media savvy audience.
an open book with pictures and instructions on it, including bread in the middle next to napkins
Maison Kayser Proves That Less Is More...And Probably Delicious
an open magazine is shown with different colors and shapes on the pages, as well as text
__Manual de Produção Gráfica
__Manual de Produção Gráfica on Behance
an open book with illustrations on the front and back cover, in yellow paper against a pink background