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an old black and white photo of a long road
Architecture of Doom
icancauseaconstellation: “ Paul W. John On Munich-Holzkirchen Highway 1925-1939 ”
several men sitting on the edge of a high - rise building with their feet in the air
The Beam, la nueva atracción de Nueva York que te lleva a las alturas
Rockefeller Center presenta una nueva experiencia que permite recrear la mítica foto, tomada en 1932, de unos trabajadores de la construcción sentados sobre una viga.
a group of men sitting on top of a tall building in the middle of a city
Día mundial de la fotografía: por qué se celebra el 19 de agosto
a painting of an elderly woman cooking with her dog
January 2012 – Fine Art Notebook™
Joseph Christian Leyendecker.
an advertisement for a children's toy car with two girls talking to the driver
HY (HENRY) HINTERMEISTER (American, 1897-1972). The Last Word. Oil | Lot #78314 | Heritage Auctions
a painting of a boy and girl standing next to a dog with a sign that says safety zone
HY (HENRY) HINTERMEISTER (American, 1897-1972). Safety Zone. Oil on | Lot #78313 | Heritage Auctions