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a bathroom with marble walls and flooring, two glass doors leading to the toilet
an empty room with wooden walls and lights on the ceiling is lit by spotlights
the oval partnership installs 8000 bronze flutes inside a theater in china
a bathroom with marble floors and walls
a bathroom with a glass shower door and beige tile walls, along with a white toilet in the corner
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Simple, Yet Tasteful Architecture and Interior Design
The overall architecture of the home, and its interior design approach is simple, yet tasteful. Wooden accents bring a certain warmth to the space, while the black and white accessories, as well as the marble staircase give the home that elegant feel.
an artistically designed sculpture stands in front of the staircase leading up to the second floor
M House
a bathtub and shower in a bathroom with marbled walls, flooring and gold fixtures
Horizon Pavilion - Mim Design