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an art gallery with multiple colored glass cubes in the center and windows on either side
Future Materiality Pavilion / Pravda Bureau
an art installation with neon lights and flowers on the walls, in a hallway between two buildings
I should really find a title for this — Adela Andea
an empty hallway with bright colored walls and flooring in the center is lit by brightly colored lights
Kindergarten Design Grows Up: contemporary nursery-school projects
an abstract painting with multicolored lines and colors that appear to have been distorted
Tyler Spangler - Art Copyright © Tyler Spangler Shop:...
colorful stained glass windows in the ceiling of an ornate building with carpeted floors and arches
The Iran Archives - Lost With Purpose
an empty room with purple and green lighting
interactive chambers of color chromosaturation by carlos cruz diez
an empty tunnel with neon lights in it
Server Managed By Showit
an empty room with brightly colored windows and wooden beams
10 Bold, Colorful Pop-Up Art Installations That Are Totally On-Trend Right Now
an abstractly colored building with many windows
Harmonic Convergence
an empty tunnel with rainbow colored walls
Rainbow Tunnel in London
an empty room with two tall white columns in the center and neon lights on the ceiling
Carlos Cruz-Diez