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an overhead view of many different items on a table with confetti and streamers
DIY: Kinder Explosion Box mit Süßigkeiten
an origami flower made out of photos and magnets on a white surface
Hexagon Explosion Box
a collage of different pictures with flowers on them and the words tutooray above it
How to Make Exploding Memory Box | DIY Surprise Gift for Boyfriend | Explosion Love Box Card
there are many different cards in the shape of an umbrella on top of a table
Special Edition Hexagonal Explosion Box - Shop Beyond Papers Wood, Bamboo & Paper - Pinkoi
an image of a cross made out of boxes
Explosion box - Tutorial | Theme - Valentine/ Black and red | by Srushti Patil
a table topped with lots of cakes covered in frosting
Happy Birthday Explosion Photo Box, Birthday Photo Box, Fathers Day Gift, Surprise Memory Box, Pop up Photo Box, Birthday Present - Etsy UK