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three light fixtures hanging from the ceiling
9 Ways to Repurpose Vintage Finds into Gorgeous Light Fixtures
an abstract photograph of a large white object in the air with light coming from it
5 lamps you can handmake to add sculptural surrealism at home • Offbeat Home & Life
5 lamps you can handmake to add sculptural surrealism at home | Offbeat Home
a piece of wood sitting on top of a wooden chair
Wood Casting by Hilla Shamia
Hilla Shamia cast wood furniture
several different types of wood furniture and decor items are shown in this collage with text overlays
50 Trendy Reclaimed Wood Furniture And Decor Ideas For Living Green • Glitter 'N' Spice
Reclaimed Wood Furniture And Decor
a living room filled with furniture and a mirror
Home Decor Affordable DIY Ideas
bright idea for someone who always has a bunch of blankets in the living room
a wooden shelf sitting on top of a hard wood floor next to a white wall
Upcycled Pallet Ideas - Transform Old Pallets Into Functional Home Pieces
$3 DIY Pallet Bookshelf. this is genuis. bookshelves are expensive.
a statue of a woman with red hair and blue eyes on a black base stands in front of a white background
Viki Odstrčil
Vítězslav Odstrčil
an outdoor dinner table with lights strung from the trees and in between two picnic tables
never on sunday
Backyard string lights.
christmas decorations and lights are hanging from the ceiling
The Holiday/Winter Preview Party | Deborah Silver & Co.
spray paint hula hoops black, string lights on them and hang them from the ceiling.
string lights hanging from the side of a building with text overlay reading how to install commercial grade string lights
How to Hang Patio String Lights
HOW TO HANG PATIO STRING LIGHTS! Commercial grade string lights are ideal for permanent installation in your yard, and can withstand the elements year round.