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an owl made out of vegetables and carrots on a plate with other food items
9 Stuffed-Avocado Recipes For Almost Every Meal of the Day
Dipp Karotten Paprika Tomaten Gurken =lecker
Cinnamon Roll Smoothie! Taste just like a cinnamon bun shoved into a glass. Healthy Smoothies, Nutrition, Healthy Snacks, Healthy Recipes, Smoothie Recipes, Snacks, Diet And Nutrition, Smoothies, Dessert
Cinnamon Roll Smoothie
Cinnamon Roll Smoothie! Taste just like a cinnamon bun shoved into a glass.
an image of cookies and muffins being displayed on a screen with the words energy bite life below it
8 No-Bake Oatmeal Energy Ball Recipes
Your snack game will never be the same once you try these no-bake oatmeal energy balls. Includes eight flavor options, as well as tips for making your own.
some food that is sitting on top of a pan and in front of the words rugbrodshops
Rugbrødschips - nem opskrift i ovn
Lækre og sprøde rugbrødschips, der er utroligt gode som snack eller til en forret.
a tray with some chips and dip in it
Tortilla snacks I Opskrift på sprøde snacks I
Denne her snack er så nem, at man tror det er løgn. Hvorvidt det så er en fordel eller en ulempe, at de sprøde tortillastrimler samtidig smager fantastisk og er yderst vanedannende, vil jeg lade være op til den enkelte at vurdere. Jeg vil tillade mig at kalde dem for en “sundere” snack og det står jeg …
mint lime iced green tea in a mason jar
Minty Lime Iced Green "Flat Belly" Tea
Minty Lime Iced Green "Flat Belly" Tea | Only 8 Calories | Nutrients & Green Tea Benefits help Flush Bloat, Calm Insides | Feel lighter & Bloat-free For MORE RECIPES, fitness & nutrition tips please SIGN UP for our FREE NEWSLETTER
a white plate topped with food next to a roll
Ægge wrap på broccoli med laks og avokadocreme
Opskrift på lækker broccoli æggewrap med avokadocreme og laks. En wrap med indhold svarer til 205 kcal og mætter dejligt. Skøn smag.
six plastic trays filled with different types of vegetables and fruits in each one, including eggs, cucumbers, strawberries, broccoli, grapes, celer
13 Make-Ahead Meals and Snacks For Healthy Eating on the Go
13 Make-Ahead Meals and Snacks For Healthy Eating On The Go - Avocadu
healthy and filling oatmeal smoothies are the perfect way to start your day
15 Healthy Smoothies Made with Oats | running with spoons
Add some extra staying power and nutrition to your smoothies with these healthy…
several pictures of different fruits and vegetables in plastic containers, including strawberries, raspberries
Summer Ice Cubes - DIY with fruits
a poster showing different types of food
When Life Gives You Lemons, Bottle Them Up!
Fruit Infused Water Recipes that will get your day off to a great start!
a metal container filled with chocolate covered donuts next to a scoop of powdered sugar
Daddelkugler er den nemmeste og lækreste sunde snack
Daddelkugler |
a bunch of watermelon slices are arranged in rows
A friend brought this to our BBQ a few days ago! Such a great idea! No dishes to worry about and it was super refreshing!
a watermelon boat filled with lots of fruit on top of a red table cloth
Friday's Five Fabulous Finds (on Pinterest)
for baby shower, so creative
a white plate topped with veggies and dip
Low-Fat Diet Plan For Weight Loss – Benefits And Side Effects
Great way to display your dips this summer