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two pieces of salmon on a wooden cutting board with a fork and seasoning sprig
Gravlaks | Sons of Norway
Gravlaks : Sons of Norway
a yellow flower in the middle of some green leaves and grass with other plants behind it
Cloudberries: Introducing the Arctic Treasure of Norway
A Norwegian cloudberry field
a person holding a hot dog with pickles and onions
Food in Copenhagen: 10 Must-Try Danish Dishes in 2023 - Goats On The Road
Food in Copenhagen: 10 Must-Try Danish Dishes - Goats On The Road
two hot dogs with toppings on a plate next to a can of beer and a glass of beer
The Icelandic Hot Dog – Pylsur
a sandwich with shrimp, lettuce and cucumber on it sitting on a paper plate
Visit the Bergen Fish Market and Shops Crafts in Norway
Tiny shrimp and salmon sandwich from the Bergen fish market in Norway
there is a piece of caramel and a spatula on top of it
brunost- sweet whey cheese for mom
three slices of cheese stacked on top of each other
Gjetost Cheese
Gjetost Cheese: Buy Gjetost Cheese Online. Norwegian Brunost Brown Ski Queen Ekte Goat Milk. Recipes.
Marshmallow domes on a vanilla cookie base covered in tempered chocolate. The dome is cut in half so you can see the cross section of the dessert. Scandinavian Desserts, Chocolate Dome, Unique Treats, The Best Desserts, How To Temper Chocolate, Marshmallow Cookies, Chocolate Marshmallow, Desserts Snacks, Best Desserts
Flødeboller (Chocolate Marshmallow Domes) Recipe!
Flødeboller - undoubtedly one of the best desserts/snacks/treats ever invented 🤩 These unique treats are made of a crisp, thin cookie bottom, topped with a dome of sweet, fluffy marshmallow, and coated in a layer of crisp chocolate 😍 We like the ones with a bit of coconut sprinkled on the outside, also known as kokosboller ❤ #skandibaking . . . . #flødeboller #chocolate #marshmallow #scandinavian #danish #baking #instafood #food #dessert #cooking #delicious #foodphotography #baker #bake #sweet
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two pieces of chocolate covered dessert sitting on top of a wooden table next to candy
Flødeboller (Danish Chocolate-Covered Marshmallow Puffs) and Copenhagen