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an old brick building with ivy growing on it's roof and the word love spelled in cursive font
Renovatieproject hoevegebouw te Roeselare/Projet de rénovation d'une ferme à Roeselare Architect/Architecte: BURO II & ARCHI +I Terca gevelstenen/briques de parement : Type 50% Hectic extra verlijmd/collé Koramic dakpannen/tuiles : Aleonard Patrimoine, 2 formaten/formats, 33% Noir de vigne, 33% Vert de Lichen, 33% Rouge de Mars Wienerberger kleiklinkers/pavés en terre cuite: Authentica Retro Castello
an electrical outlet is plugged into a wooden wall paneled in wood planks
DIY Pallet Headboard
DIY Pallet Headboard | Pallet Furniture Plans
a black and white photo of five wolfs in front of pine trees with their heads turned to the side
a drawing of two foxes facing each other
Fox bisect
Peter Carrington
two dogs are in the middle of a circle with an object on it's back
Peter James Carrington
Two dead foxes and a cube. by Peter Carrington