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a bowl filled with white and red popcorn
Peppermint Popcorn Bark - Plain Chicken
Christmas peppermint popcorn. {This stuff is like crack. I gave it as neighbor gifts and a few people even asked for more!}
christmas treats and desserts are arranged in four different pictures, including cookies, pretzels, reindeer heads, and more
101 Halloween Costume Ideas for Women
FAQs on catering at events... click here!
a white bowl filled with lots of chocolate candy
Chocolate peanuts
desserts with cherries and white chocolate are arranged in rows on trays next to each other
Inspiratie voor het kerstdessert
Christmas party food
there are many small treats on the plate
Fun holiday treat...
the process of making an avocado dish is shown in three different stages, including being cut and sliced
the cover of 50 cute holiday treats
50 Recipes for Cute Christmas Treats
GREAT tutorial for bench cushion. And she uses shower curtains for fabric, which is genius.
some kind of spiral pastry sitting on top of a blue plate with other pastries in the background
Mette Blomsterberg vaniljekranse
a glass bowl filled with nuts on top of a table
Brændte mandler
Brændte mandler
five ceramic pigs laying next to each other on top of a black surface with purple background
Marzipan pigs (yum). On Christmas everyone eats a bowl of rice pudding until someone finds the almond that was hidden in the pot. The winner gets a marzipan gris (pig)
some kind of food that is in a bowl on a table with a white and red striped cloth
Tradition norwegian christmas coookie recipe
there are many different types of food being cooked
Fleur de Sel Caramels | Gimme Some Oven
Fleur De Sel Caramels |
some kind of food that is being made on top of a wooden table with other pictures
Vil være perfekt til en julekage
the process of making cookies with blue and yellow icing on them, including rolling out dough
Kan nemt laves til julesmåkage
three decorated cookies sitting on top of a white plate with green and red icing
Småkage med smeltet bolsje