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a large circular hole in the middle of a building
Des lieux abandonnés à travers le monde
the boats are docked in the harbor at sunset or sunrise time as the sun sets
Sunset in Honfleur
Sunset in Honfleur, Normandy, France (by 5ERG10 on Flickr)
the inside of a cathedral with water running through it
27 Eerie Abandoned Places From Around The World
Saint-Etienne-le-Vieux, partly destroyed during WWII in Caen, France
a map with red arrows pointing to different locations in the uk and around the world
The Battle of Normandy Map ~ Normandy ~ France ~ "Operation Overlord" began on June 6, 1944. It involved 160 000 Allied troops at the Battle of Normandy and the D-Day Landings. By August there were over 3,000, 000 Allied troops in France. ~ World War II
a small boat floating on top of a river surrounded by lush green trees and water lillies
one of the most fantastic gardens I ever been : Monet's GIVERNY
an image of a castle that is in the middle of the water at night time
7 Real-Life Fairytale Castles
Mont Saint Michel, Normandy, France. I want to visit here really bad!
an image of the inside of a cave with water and ice on the ground in front of it
L'arche et l'aiguille by Vincent BOURRUT / 500px
The Ark and the Needle ~ Falaises d'Etretat, Normandie, France by Vincent BOURRUT
a drawing of a map with the names of cities and towns in english, french, and spanish
Folio illustration agency & animation studio | Illustrators for hire
Kate Evans - Normandie -
an aerial view of the beach and cliffs at etretine bay, near durdre
u00c9tretat, Normandy France... One of of my favourite places in the world. So many happy memories. #travel #budgettravel #france
the sculpture is in the water near the beach
We Don't Profit on the Backs of the Dead
Les Braves statues, Omaha Beach, Normandy, France
an island in the middle of a field under a cloudy sky
Les méandres du Mont
Mont Saint Michel Normandy France
many boats are docked in the water near some buildings
What To Visit In Normandy, France
Normandy Travel: Top Things To See and Do! All within easy reach of our lovely luxury gites
the cliffs and blue water at the beach are covered in green grass, with white cliffs on either side
Is This Place Real?!
Étretat, France is a small coastal town with views so perfect, it's hard to believe they're real.
an aerial view of a bridge with cars driving on it and the sky in the background
Pont de Normandie, France 2008
Normandy Bridge - Honfleur, Basse-Normandie, France
the beach is next to some tall white cliffs
These Cliff Views Rival The Grand Canyon
Cliffs of Étretat - Normandy, France