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a white mushroom sitting on top of a black ground
46 Magical Wild Mushrooms You Won't Believe Are Real ...
a group of mushrooms growing out of the mossy ground
My life in the woods
large water lilies are growing in the pond
lily pads.jpg
Lily pads, Glasshouse by johnhouston20, via Flickr
mushrooms growing on the bark of a tree
Radically Diverse Australian Fungi Photographed by Steve Axford — Colossal
the bark of a tree is covered in colorful lichens and green mossy leaves
Fungi: Photo
some very pretty plants growing on the side of a tree
mushrooms growing on the side of a tree trunk covered in moss and lichens
The Green
small blue flowers are growing in the grass
06.17.03 Alpine Forget-Me-Nots
the white flowers are blooming in the garden
Top 10 Best Fresh Flowers for Home Decor - Songbird
a potted plant sitting on top of a table next to a small glass vase
Caring for the Pilea Peperomioides: a Playful Houseplant for a Bright Home