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a drawing of a fish with spots on it's body
Image from page 64 of "Bulletin of the Bureau of Fisheries" (1904)
a drawing of a rainbow fish with a man standing in the water next to it
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the cover of chasing rumor, with an elephant and fish in front of it
Chasing Rumor : A Season Fly Fishing in Patagonia (Paperback)
A blip of prosperity at the turn of the 20th century brought American trout to Patagonia, then for a half-century they were forgotten to fight wars and build a nation. Rediscovered by fishermen a half-century later, the fish had grown to epic proportions. In Chasing Rumor, Cameron Chambers chronicles his modern-day pilgrimage to the rivers of Patagonia in pursuit of these legendary 20-pound trout. What started as a trip focused on catching fish became a love affair with the Patagonian landscape,