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a wooden wall clock with the number twenty two on it's face and numbers below
木場のアートサイン - 公益社団法人日本サインデザイン協会(SDA)
木場のアートサイン | 公益社団法人日本サインデザイン協会(SDA)
a sign that says men on it in front of a white wall with a person standing next to it
a washer and dryer are hanging from the ceiling in an empty laundry room
there are two red lights on the wall and one is in an empty room with white walls
柏崎市役所 - 氏デザイン
two paper people are standing next to each other on a wooden surface, one is blue and the other is white
Toilet signage at The Continent Hotel Bangkok
a large building with a sign on the side that says la seine museume
La Seine Musicale | 日本デザインセンター
La Seine Musicale | 日本デザインセンター