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an origami piece is sitting on top of the other folded up paper pieces
Easy Fast Coasters
This coaster is so easy peasy you won't believe it. I was at a retreat and one of the girls showed us how to do these. I thought t...
a group of people sitting at a table with drinks and candy in front of them
Suck up as many M&Ms with a straw as you can in 60 seconds. Blue Zone: Party games to rock your partaaay!
three different pictures of hands made out of clay and paper machs, with the words diy alginate hand art written on them
DIY: How to Create Hand Casting Art Using Alginate
A real hands on craft! Alginate/plaster of paris sculptures.
two pictures of children playing with legos in the living room and on the floor
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Lay-N-Go Lego Mat
a stuffed dinosaur sits on the floor in front of a door with text that reads, loch mess monster
DIY Nessie Loch Ness Monster | Pattern and Tutorial | We Lived Happily Ever After
We Lived Happily Ever After: DIY Nessie | Pattern and Tutorial, sewing, kids, gifts, handmade
the instructions for how to sew a whale hat and other things that make it look like
a pink cloud with stars hanging from it's side
Girlande Wolke, Sterne, Wunschname - Etsy.de
Mobile - Mobile/Girlande - Wolke, Sterne, Wunschname - ein Designerstück von Feinerlei bei DaWanda
halloween drinks and desserts for kids to make
Halloween drinks for kids - Chickabug
Halloween Drinks for Kids. Fun and easy non-alcoholic recipes for Halloween parties!
some sand that has been made to look like footprints and feet in the sand with text overlay
Sand Clay Recipe - Create, Bake & Keep!
Make your own Sand Clay - Create, Bake & Keep your own handmade keepsakes!
a collage of photos with the words diy photo canvass and pictures on it
DIY Photo Canvas Prints With Authentic Texture
MUST PIN! Best DIY Photo Canvas tutorial out there! Learn the secret to creating REAL canvas texture with this full tutorial by Designer Trapped in a Lawyer's Body.
the man is holding something in his hand and smiling at the camera while he sits in the car
The ultimate road trip pillow folds around the seatbelt! EASY step by step tutorial that doesn't required crazy sewing skills. I want one!
two pictures of the same car seat belt
Make Your Own Comfortable Road Trip Car Pillow | So Sew Easy
Seatbelt Pillow Tutorial on So Sew Easy at http://so-sew-easy.com/road-trip-car-pillow/
How To Make a Beautiful Butterfly hairpin Diy Papillon, Fabric Origami, Diy Butterfly, Origami Butterfly, Fabric Butterfly, Butterfly Hair Clip, Butterfly Hair
How To Make a Beautiful Butterfly hairpin