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four different views of a flower pot with flowers growing out of the top and bottom
Terra Cotta Pot Flower Tower with Annuals
Terra Cotta Pot Flower Tower with Annuals
the health benefits of herbs for a healthy garden
Medicinal Plants & Herbs
For centuries, herb plants have been used to cure all sorts of ailments. Both modern and alternative medicine rely on the age-old healing properties found in medicinal herbs. The Growers Exchange has a wide selection of medicinal herb plants. http://www.thegrowers-exchange.com/
a metal mug with the words plastic free living on it
Private Site
Buy, make & live plastic-free | plastic is rubbish
a person holding a pipe in front of a brick wall with plants growing out of it
How to make a vertical strawberry tube planter
planting the strawberry tower in PVC pipe
three jars filled with plants sitting on top of a window sill
How to Grow Sweet Potatoes
Home Joys: Growing Sweet Potatoes.
an info sheet with different types of boats
The Totally Useful, Kinda Gross, Urban Renewal Project To Delight Your Inner 5th Grader
The Totally Useful, Kinda Gross, Urban Renewal Project To Delight Your Inner 5th Grader
the edible balcony growing fresh produce in small spaces
Mother Earth Living
In “The Edible Balcony,” longtime urban gardener Alex Mitchell shows how to transform whatever space you have—from a balcony or rooftop to a fire escape or window box—into a profusion of fresh, seasonal produce. Check out this excerpt from "The Edible Balcony" about common garden pests and plant diseases.
small plants sprouting out of eggshells sitting on a window sill
How To: Plant Seeds Using Eggshells
Use eggshells to start seeds. Then when they are ready to transplant, just put in ground as is. Shell will gradually break up and be fertilizer for the plant.
a small potted plant with a wooden stick sticking out of it
Starting Seeds… with a 2-liter bottle! {diy greenhouse} TheFrugalGirls.com #gardening #seeds
tomatoes, cucumbers and carrots are in the garden
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So You Want To Grow A Vegetable Garden? Tips for the Beginner Urban Gardener
a glass vase filled with green plants on top of a table
Urban Gardening-Best City Gardens In Chicago 2013
5 Inspiring (& Easy!) DIY Urban Gardens: 1) Terrariums 2) Potted Tabletop Construction 3) Cut Florals 4) Air Plants 5) Indoor Edibles
an image of a garden with plants growing in the soil and labeled names on it
Bok choy and broccoli - Raised Urban Gardens
broccoli, bok choy, tomatoes and cilantro growing in my raised urban garden. how to garden, pics and plans on link. Plant a spring garden and enjoy eating what you grow!