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two pictures of the same plant in different stages of growth
Plant beading
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Why you should plant marigolds all over your garden and farm!
Make Your Day
Make Your Day
Rain Gardens
a candle is lit in the middle of a garden
What is this, a torture chamber for plants?
an article about moss - lawns is shown in this screenshote screen shot
FL ctiproductions Moss Lawns?! Okay so we all agree, lawns seek- are aurdatec/and useless relics introduced by the French Monarchy to flex on everyone else, but have we considered: © 1. Massively photosynthetíc- produce loads of oxygen 2. Doesn’t require fertilising- ever! Masses actually prefer low nutrient soil! 3. Doesn’t require mowing! Mosses are non vascular so they never grow tall enough to need mowing Low maintainance- see above Improving the air quality around you- mosses can metabolise and absorb a variety of airborn pollutants! 6. Massively improving your home‘s Cottagecore and fairytale vibes, I $".$> - iFunny