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42 colours, 36 different modules in 4 depths offer millions of combinations for all rooms in a house or company. Living room, bedroom, kitchen, office and even…
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a potted plant sitting on top of a white cabinet next to a lamp and window
an assortment of colorful dressers in front of a painting
a blue vase with purple flowers sitting on top of a red dresser next to a window
a red heart hanging from the side of a yellow dresser with two drawers in front of it
a coffee machine sitting on top of a wooden cabinet next to a painting and other items
a blue dresser with five drawers and a white lamp on top of it in a room
an assortment of colorful shelves with books and vases on each shelf, along with a coffee maker
a dining room with pink walls and yellow bookshelves
Warm presence ☀️⁠
Like a little capsule of good vibes, our new colour Acacia is just there, calmly waiting to greet you with its warm presence ☀️⁠ #montanafurniture #madeindenmark #euecolabel #danishdesign #colourfulinteriors #dontjudgeacolour #sustainablefurniture #letscreateplayfulspaces
a white shelf with some books and a lamp on top of it in a room
Montana Furniture (@montanafurniture) • Instagram-billeder og -videoer
a room with white furniture and mirrors on the wall, along with a wooden floor
Montana Furniture (@montanafurniture) • Instagram-billeder og -videoer