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B17 Flying Fortress, Palm Springs Air Museum, Photo Avion, Memphis Belle, Germany Ww2, Space Museum
Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress
Douglas Dc 4, Us Bombers, German Town, Powerful Pictures
an airplane with wheels spinning around on the tarmac at night in front of another plane
several old airplanes are parked on the ground
Original caption says, "Image taken in April 1944 - View of a line of replacement B-17G Flying Fortress four engined heavy bombers pictured lined up at Langford Lodge, 3rd Air Depot, Northern Ireland, after being delivered from the United States during World War II." Photo: Authors Own Collection. Image Repair & Colourisation - Nathan Howland
an old airplane is in the middle of a field
The landing site of BENNY'S BABY
Lt. John Benskin's plane after he ran out of fuel and landed in kunai grass on Black Sunday. Read about his adventure to get back to camp.
an old black and white photo with planes flying
Imagine that noise! Douglas A20c Havoc's doing a flypass at Langley field, 1942.