Art - zentangle patterns

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an intricately designed tile with blue and white beads on it's edges, in the shape of an octopus
two pieces of art that are sitting on the ground next to each other and one is made out of tiles
a black and white drawing with circles on it
an abstract black and white drawing with lots of different shapes, sizes and colors on it
a white and blue tag with flowers on it sitting next to a checkered wall
Posters and prints in Scandinavian design - Nordic Poster Collective
a drawing of an abstract design with lines and dots on it's surface, in black and white
an intricately designed piece of art on white paper with black and white inking
Examples of Zentangle Project
an open book with black and white designs on it
Journal Fodder Junkies
an image of different patterns in black and white
four different designs with black and white lines
3.59US $ |Line Transparent Clear Silicone Stamp/seal For Diy Scrapbooking/photo Album Decorative Clear Stamp 521 - Stamps - AliExpress