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a bird is perched on top of a cactus in front of a house and potted plant
Crow with berry | Mary Judy ceramic ar
Crow with berry | Mary Judy ceramic ar
three fish are hanging from the top of a tree branch with rocks and pebbles on it
a wooden sculpture with fish on top of it
If you are wanting to have a bit of fun in your studio this holiday season, I can highly recommend playing around with a bunch of cookie… | Instagram
an assortment of vases are arranged in a garden
Returning to the studio after several weeks away I couldn’t help losing myself in the pure spontaneity of a Layered Clay Vessel. The… | Instagram
a statue of a bird is shown in the process of being sculpted by people working on it
a bird sculpture sitting on top of a wooden table
a colorful sculpture sitting in front of a window next to green plants and bushes on the side of a building
a person is making a sculpture out of clay
Making chunky beads for using as spacers in your Totems. #potteryforall #ilovepottery #potteryofinstagram #ceramicsdaily #ceramicsmagazine… | Instagram
an assortment of colorful glass balls hanging from metal poles in front of a house with wood siding
Sylvia Reuter Keramikmalerei - Sylvia Reuter
Sylvia Reuter – Keramikmalerei
a sculpture made out of clay on top of a table
a garden with many different types of flowers and plants on it's sides, including succulents
a colorful bird feeder on top of a black table
Totems | vickigarrett
a sculpture made out of wooden blocks and letters
Glen Tarnowski | Art, Paintings, Prints, and Sculptures for Sale!