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an open laptop computer sitting on top of a desk with the words microsoft's recall feature looks like a privacy nightmare
Microsoft's "Recall" Feature Looks Like a Privacy Nightmare and I Don't Want It
Do you really want a screenshot taken every few seconds?
a computer with the words connected to wifi, but no internet access in windows? what to do
Connected to Wi-Fi, but No Internet Access in Windows? What to Do
Follow these steps when your router has no internet access.
a computer with the words did you know copilot has plugins? try these 4 now
Did You Know Copilot Has Plugins? Try These 4 Now
Did You Know Copilot Has Plugins? Try These 4 Now
an open laptop computer sitting on top of a desk next to a potted plant
No One Wants Ads in Their Windows 11 Start Menu
The Windows 11 Start Menu is getting ads, but you can turn them off.
a desk with a computer on it and the words 6 polarizing windows features that are gone for good
6 Polarizing Windows Features That Are Gone for Good
6 Polarizing Windows Features That Are Gone for Good
an iphone with the text 10 safest free app sites for windows
The 10 Safest Free Software Download Sites for Windows
Try these trusted resources next time you need to grab a free app for Windows.
an hourglass with the words 7 best windows widgets for productivity on it
The 7 Best Windows 11 Widgets for Productivity
Widgets can do a lot more than tell you the news or the weather; they can even help you work better. Here are some of the best examples.
the words how to auto - delete old files in windows on top of file folders
How to Auto-Delete Old Files in Windows
If you want to keep your PC uncluttered and free of wasted space, you should check out these Windows tips for removing old files.
5 tricks for a better windows 11 search
5 Tricks for a Better Windows 11 Search
Get better results, speed up Windows Search, and iron out glitches with these tips for Windows 11.
a person typing on a laptop with the title 12 things you must do with a new laptop
12 Things You MUST Do With a New Laptop
Here are the most important things to do after buying a new laptop. Spend some time up front to help your computer run at its best.
a person holding their hand up with the words 8 things you should not do on windows 11
8 Things You Should NOT Do on Windows 11
Windows is a great operating system with almost limitless room for customization, but going too far with it can be problematic.
the words how to fix a slow printer
How to Fix a Slow Printer
Printers are already a headache without them printing slower than usual. Here's how to remedy it on Windows.
four keys with the words 4 best password managers for windows on top of them
4 Best Password Managers for Windows
Get more out of your password manager with these apps for Windows 11.
the text 7 free volume boosters for windows on top of a desk with a computer and
7 Free Volume Boosters for Windows
Want to boost up your PC's volume? Try one of these apps to boost up your Windows sounds right away.