Textile industry

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Kælder-og baggårdsfabrikker. Midtjysk tekstilindustri. Textile Industry, Textiles
Kælder-og baggårdsfabrikker. Midtjysk tekstilindustri.
black and white photograph of an industrial area with buildings in the foreground, looking down on a city
Herning. Textile industry.
a close up view of the gears on an old sewing machine that is being worked on
Strikkemaskine. Detalje. Tekstilmuseet. Museum Midtjylland.
an office with glass walls and lots of clutter
Systue på Tekstilmuseet. Herning. Museum Midtjylland.
there are many different types of items in the room that is very large and has high ceilings
Maskinhallen på Tekstilmuseet. Herning. Museum Midtjylland.
an older woman sitting at a sewing machine
Volunteers working at the Textile Museum. Museum Midtjylland.
a spool of yarn sitting on top of a machine
Museum Midtjylland
an old machine is sitting in the middle of a room
Karteværket. Tekstilmuseet. Museum Midtjylland.
an old black and white photo shows people working on sewing machines in the same room
Billeder fra Kaj Krøjgaards fabrik Niki. De producerede sweatre og jakker til hele familien. God weekend! #museummidtjylland #textilforum #industri #herning