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Midnight at the Play Place

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Living in a Video Game

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Demonic Suburbia

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Missing Assets

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Liminal Spaces on Twitter: "… "

The Backrooms

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go on... explore the cave

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김읖파 on Twitter: "리미널 스페이스 - 드림 풀(꿈 속 수영장) 타래로 소개 영상 번역&요약한 것 올립니다. 많관부!… "

Indoor Aquatic

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Computer Spaghetti

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Future Pod World

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Ginna House - Dogon dwelling in Mali

Desert Architecture

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Veldt was a settlement known mostly for farming. It's where the protagonists of Rebel Moon Part 1: A Child of Fire started their journey when the Imperium arrived for their food. It was a natural satellite orbiting Maura, a gas giant at the edge of the galaxy.
African veldt


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breezeh on Twitter: "Southern Gothic" / Twitter
breezeh on Twitter: "testing the new crop on this bad boy… "

Crumbling Gothic

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Lighting in the Dark

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Federico Italiano on Twitter: "Paintings by Japanese artist Suguru Tanaka… "


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Art. Sci-fi art. From the 70s.


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blake kathryn on Twitter: "dreaming of living in a curvy chic cave… "


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Il Parco dei Mostri di Bomarzo - Monster Park, Italy - mermaid

Eco Ruins

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Tweets que le gustaron a Queeny (@DanceMacabra) / Twitter

Pillars & Gardens

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Fairy Swimming Hole

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Fish World

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eddie siv on Twitter: "another Floating World concept art… "
desert storms


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