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cute clay (reorganise)

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orf on Twitter: "w-what time is it? oh, uhh...😳💦" / Twitter
Swatch watch! Gotta find this for my punkin'.


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𖧷 on Twitter: "accessories by melted potato" / Twitter


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November 2011 | The Carrotbox modern jewellery blog and shop — obsessed with rings

real sculptural

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Look what I just found on Depop 🙌

Kandi/Plastic Chains

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'Nope' Earrings | Yippy Whippy


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Once upon a time.... Mirror, mirror, on the wall, Who in this land is fairest of all? To this the mirror answered. You, my queen, are fairest of all. Until.... Snow White denied the Wicked Witch of her beauty, and devised a devious plan to rid of the threat. She made a poisoned apple.
E m i l y H e s s’s Instagram post: “Doing a ton of website maintenance and updates to my online store, I made this decision to switch from squarespace to shopify and it’s been…”
Ghosts Laser Cut Acrylic Necklace by imyourpresent on Etsy

Laser Cut & Acrylic

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Shrink Plastic

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Noisy Instrument | Jun Murakoshi Design

Ear Cuffs

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Hair Bead Strands

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Hair Clips (REDO)

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Kidcore & Decora Adjacent

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Headphone Accessory

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Eternity :: Archive on Twitter: "GSM F88 Phone Watch (2008)… "

Tech Accessories

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Barbie hand necklace

Doll Parts

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Etsy Rosary Guild Team: March 2013


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Blood Vial Earrings Goth Earrings Blood Earrings Resin


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Media Tweets by lyle 💛 @ proud pup parent (@lylelynde) | Twitter

Clay (redo)

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Soyuzmultfilm Enjoyer on Twitter: "Rosary" / Twitter

Simple & Cutesy

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headdresses and a textile print (maybe I will turn it into a necklace..) store will open tomorrow!

Fabric Jewellery

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michellemoe:◕‿ ◕ Doll face chokers ◕‿ ◕

Fabric Chokers

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Bicycle Chain Bracelet with Buckle Closure | For more great pics, follow


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