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Kartoffelpizza med rosmarin
a casserole dish with mushrooms and broccoli in it on a plate
Spinatlasagne med svampe og hytteost - vegetarisk comfort food - Muttionline
Spinach lasagna with mushrooms and cottage cheese
three tortillas with meat, onions and avocado on parchment paper next to a cutting board
Tacos med svampe - vegetar tacos - Muttionline
Vegetarian mushroom tacos
two bowls filled with different types of food on top of a white counter next to spoons
Vegetar gryderet med svampe og halloumi - Muttionline
Vegetarian stew with mushrooms and halloumi
a plate with some food on it next to a fork and bowl of yogurt
Squashfrikadeller med feta - Muttionline
Squash fritters with feta
a platter filled with nachos, salsa, corn and tortilla chips
Vegetar nachos med bønner - hurtig aftensmad - Muttionline
Vegetarian nachos
a casserole dish with spinach, mushrooms and cheese on it next to two spoons
Fyldte pandekager med spinat og svampe - Muttionline
Pancakes with mushrooms and spinach
grilled chicken and vegetable skewers on a white plate next to a bowl of yogurt
Vegetarmad på grill - masser af lækre ideer - Muttionline
Vegetarian grill
a white bowl filled with food next to a cup of coffee
Lidt grønnere. Lidt nemmere. Og smæk på smagen - Muttionline
Vegetarian caesar salad with halloumi cheese
two bowls filled with guacamole and tortilla chips on the side
Hummus med søde kartofler - mexican style - Muttionline
Sweet potato hummus
a skillet filled with pasta and vegetables on top of a white marble countertop
Pasta med svampe og grønkål - Muttionline
Vegetarian pasta with kale and mushrooms
stack of oatmeal breakfast cookies on white plate with oranges in the background
Græskarfrikadeller med majs og fetacreme - Muttionline
Pumpkin fritters
Rødbedebøffer  - vegetariske frikadeller Beet Fritters, Beets, Cheddar
Rødbedebøffer med feta og quinoa - Muttionline
Beet fritters with feta and quinoa
an overhead view of a bowl of pasta with bread and basil leaves on the side
Hasselback aubergine parmigiana - Muttionline
two bowls filled with carrot soup next to spoons and other food on a table
Hokkaidosuppe med ingefær, appelsin og chili - Muttionline
Hokkaido soup with orange juice, ginger and chili