Primroses should be in every garden. There are so many kinds and so many colors to choose from.
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yellow and red flowers with green leaves in the background
IPM Essen 2012 - Primula 'Elodie' close up. Available in 2013
red and yellow flowers sitting in a vase on a table next to other potted plants
Primula Party Girl Series
red flowers with green leaves in the background
Shade garden flowers, Primula veris Red Shades!
some white flowers are growing in the woods
Creating a Shade Garden - Gallery - Garden Design
Primula japonica Indispensable in a woodland setting is the pink, red, or white Primula japonica. The plant reseeds itself yearly, providing its soil isn’t disturbed.
two red and white flowers with green leaves
Auricula Astolat
Auricula Astolat
a hand holding a pink and white striped flower pot
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DIY: alternative to cut flowers for centerpiece. Create custom primrose centerpieces.
a bicycle with flowers in the basket on it
dona blogg
basket filled with bright flowers : )
a red and white flower with green leaves in the background
Gold laced primrose 'Elizabeth Killelay'
Gold laced primrose 'Elizabeth Killelay'. Haven't seen this primrose either.
a chair with flowers growing out of it
Garden Chair
I love primroses and there are so many different kinds. However, the prettier they are, the tastier they must be because they disappear faster from my flower bed. Alas.
a bunch of colorful flowers sitting on top of each other
Spring Hill Nursery
Victorian Laced Primrose Herbaceous perennial Shade/Part Shade Ht 10-12'' Spread 12-18" Zone: 5-10 Early spring/early summer. A mix of Silver Lace Black, Silver Lace Purple and Gold Lace Red Plants spread up to 3' in ideal conditions. Rounded flower heads form terminal clusters above rosette of foliage of oval/lance shaped leaves with a wrinkled texture. Remove spent flower stems to tidy up plants after flowering Deep rich humus enriched soil that is evenly moist Semi evergreen in warmer zones.