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an architectural drawing of a door on the side of a building with slats covering it
Documentary City
Documentary City | arkiiv: peter zumthor shelter for roman ruins
a black and white photo of a house on a hill with trees in the background
dibuixos: Peter Zumthor [habitatges per a gent gran XV]
Peter Zumthor
four tall buildings are shown in black and white, with the same height as each other
Peter Zumthor - Bruder Klaus Feldkapalle (early studies)
two drawings of different types of boats in various stages of construction, including the hulls and
Peter Zumthor
Peter Zumthor
a drawing of a building made out of bamboo
peter zumthor studio
an old black and white photo of some very tall buildings in the middle of nowhere
Zumthor’s Topographie des Terrors (1993-2004): visual history of...
a black and white photo of grass growing out of the top of a building's roof
zumthor's bruder klaus chapel