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a snail is sitting on the ground next to another snail
I Was a Weird Kid, and Here’s Proof
Keeping snails as pets in a terrarium
the anatomy of a snail's shell and its parts labeled in english, spanish and german
Snail Inquiry - Read, Observe, Record
a banner with snails and other things on it
Edible Snail Zoological Poster
An Edible Snail Zoology Poster from a series of German Scientific Charts still produced by the original printer. Impressive science decor with vintage classroom style!
a close up of a snail on a tree branch with words describing parts of its shell
Sign IN - Open University
snail anatomy
an arrangement of vegetables and dirt in a garden
This thread is for people who wish to post pictures of there snail's homes.Feel free to move this as I don't know where it's best place would be.
the anatomy of a snail's shell
Image result for land snail life cycle worksheet
the life cycle of a snail is shown in this drawing, with arrows pointing to different stages
slakken lifecircle
the parts of a snail in someone's hand, labeled with their name and description
Make a Snail Habitat & Snail Anatomy
Snail anatomy!! AND fun facts about snails AND make a snail habitat!!
a plastic container filled with rocks and leaves
The Artful Life: Creating a Snail Habitat
A blog about The Artful Life: Modern Abstract Fine Art and Accessories, Art Tutorials, Tips on Collecting and Exhibit Reviews
a boy sitting at a table in front of a container filled with plants and dirt
How to take care of your pet garden snail!
How to care for your pet garden snail! If you have a snail lover in your house like we do this is a post you want to read! Snail are easy and almost free to own! They are a very low maintenance and make a great idea for a child's first pet #petsnail, #gardensnail, #petgardensnail, #snails, #GardenSnails, #firstpet
the words how to feed a snail snails can be great pets they are especially great for school projects and for teaching y
How to Feed a Snail: Diets for Land & Freshwater Snails
How to Feed a Snail. Snails can be great pets. They are especially great for school projects, and for teaching young children how to care for a living thing. Snails are also quite easy to feed, although there are some variations among...