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a blue background with the words heat makes things expand so i don't have a weight problem, i'm just hot
dump a day is hot - Dump A Day
In more ways than one!
a black and white photo with the words, may not be perfect but i'm always me
Yup! <3
an iphone screen with the text'those three words if someone says i love you and you
This is hilarious.
a man in a top hat and bow tie with the caption oh, you're a fan of the baltimore ravens? please name a player besides joe flacco, ray lewis and ray
memes | quickmeme
Oooooooooo snap! :)
a yellow background with the words teenage post 789
Hi there: Photo
Teenager Posts
a circular diagram with the words hungry, which makes me indecive, grumpy, and i'm also
The Deadly Cycle
This is how the cookie crumbles...The Deadly Cycle
a woman sitting in a chair with her head on her hand and the caption reads,
I hate when part of my outfit I mentally planned is in the laundry.
happens all the time...
a purple background with the words teenager post 1044 i can never make a messy bun when needed, but before i go to bed that's the best dang messy bun you'll
Hi there: Photo
an image of a quote on the back of a blue background that says, it's not hard to understand that awkward moment when you spell a common word is correct
The Internet's Most Asked Questions
All the time
an image of two minion with the words you are my one
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One In A Minion Valentine's Day Card on Etsy, $5.28
the words you can not change the people around you, but you can change the people that you choose to be around
Toine v Peperstraten on Twitter
It's been a long time coming, and it feels great to finally let go of negative people in my life. It was fun while it lasted!